Milestone: Cache #2500


This morning we found our 2,500th geocache!

We found Weebles Buffet on the Line #27 (GC4HWPB) hidden by Wells Weebles.  The geocache is part of a series of 40 geocaches hidden along the Witless Bay Line, with each geocache being hidden within a plastic food item. Lots of fun and a good way to pass a morning!

Geocache of the Month: August


This past weekend, we traveled to the Bonavista Peninsula in search of adventure and a couple of geocaches.  With very limited time and some uncooperative weather, we managed only three finds. While any of them could have been our favorite for the month of August, we’ve decided to choose Bonavista Light (GCGBBJ). Located near one of the province’s most iconic tourist landmarks and hidden over ten years ago, this geocache is a must do while in the area! Be sure to check out the full story in an upcoming blog post!

Treasure Island Caching Who’s Who: Wells Weebles

For some it’s about the hunt, for some it’s about the hide, for some it’s about the smiley.  But for Wells Weebles, it’s got to be at least partly about the kids! Finding a geocache hidden by the Wells Webbles is fun for the whole family. They’ve placed a number of series’ all across the island, with some very interesting containers (snakes, birds, dinosaurs, army men, etc.).  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their hides… but for now  here’s a little more about them in this month’s Treasure Island Caching Who’s Who!
What is your geocaching name?
Wells Weebles – We weeble and we wobble, but we won’t give up.  We use Senior Weeble, Mom Weeble, Teen Weeble and Wee Weeble to distinguish between us.
How did you get involved with geocaching?
Mom Weeble’s brother (Four to a Case) gave Teen Weeble the geocaching iPod app for his birthday.  It was supposed to be a way for Dad and son to spend time together and learn how to use the GPS, but it quickly became a family favorite.
How many geocaches have you found to date?
To date we have found 1036 caches.
Walk the Plank
What was the first geocache you found?
Our first cache was Walk the Plank (GC1WABZ) on the beach in Portugal Cove.
Do you have a favorite or memorable geocache to share? 
As there are four of us we each have our favorites.
·         Senior Weeble – LA FHEILE PADRAIG SHONA by shermandkim
·         Mom Weeble – Bell-a-Vista by aviex
·         Teen Weeble – Knock, Knock! Anybody Home? by YQX Cachers
·         Wee Weeble – Pinocchico Bird! by Outdoor Explorer
What is your favorite type of geocache?
We like the traditional caches best, lock and locks or sandwich containers, something easy for the kids to find.  We especially like series along walking trails or ones that take us to places we have never seen before.
What is your favorite geocache (or series of geocaches) that you have hidden?
Again, we each have our own favorites.  Senior and Teen Weeble’s would be our first series “Weebles back in time”, but Mom Weeble loves the “Weebles give you the Willies” – the comments that people make upon finding the first one are extremely funny.   Wee Weebles likes “Weebles Creepy Crawlies”
How would you describe geocaching in one word?
What part of Newfoundland and Labrador do you live in?
We live in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s.
What is the one place that no tourist visiting Newfoundland and Labrador should miss? 
Very hard to pick.  We have seen so many beautiful spots over the past couple of years. The Twillingate area is spectacular and a real look at outport Newfoundland, but we spent time on the Burin Peninsula this summer and the scenery down there was really incredible.  In both places the people are really friendly, as they are in most of Newfoundland.
What do you do when you are not geocaching?
Chauffeur the kids around to their various activities.  Dance and music are a big part of their lives.
The Boat That Wouldn`t Float Sara's cache 06-05-13 Flatrock

Upcoming Geocaching Events

We’re admittedly a little behind on sharing the information on these two events, but as they say it’s better late than never.  If you find yourself in Gander, NL this evening with an aching to talk to some local geocachers well you’re in luck, just head on down to Tim Hortons! Alternatively, we’re told that bringing a blanket and some picnic snacks to Bowring Park in St. John’s this Saturday will be equally as entertaining…  It looks like we’ll end up missing both events but we hope that you all can make it out to at least one of them!

Update: The St. John’s event, Picnic in the Park has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances!

Here are the details for both events:

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish…er…Caches (GC4J2GP)

Hosted by: Incepit

Date: August 28, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Tim Hortons (Airport Blvd) in Gander

N 48° 57.302 W 054° 36.166


Picnic In The Park (GC4JKCT)

Hosted by: Jewel&Gem

Date: August 31, 2013

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: Bowring Park

47° 31.514 W 052° 45.222 

Cache of the Month: July

You’d have to go way back to March 2011 to find a month where we had less finds than July 2013, and that was the dead of winter! Family responsibility and Kayla’s severe ankle sprain kept us from hitting the trails as much as we would have liked (or at all).

But all is not lost! You’ll remember we posted back in June about an upcoming event at Manuels River? Well we attended the event (briefly) and found two geocaches while in attendance.  We’ve been meaning to write about Manuels River and its new interpretation center for some time now we’ll go ahead and do that now!

Developed by the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society, the site features over 6 km of walking trails that will lead you up and down the riverbed. As you travel upstream (or downstream) you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of wildlife and matters of geological interest.  The area is perhaps best known for its trilobite fossils.  Along the walk you’ll find many storyboards designed to enhance you’re experience.

After the walk, we recommend a visit to the new Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Center which features a variety of natural history/interpretation exhibits, a cafe, and of course, a gift shop. The space also greatly expands their education programs, now able to accommodate classroom visits throughout the school year.

Our favorite cache of the day was called Octagon Bat Cave (GC4FHJF), which we’ll also call our cache of the month! In addition to this, there are easily another 20+ geocaches, just waiting to be found along the river! Have fun!